18+ L.A. Dancer 


L.A. Cultural Exchange dancer program in Los Angeles

Our 18+ L.A. Dancer program is for serious U.S. and international dancers who are 18 and older who want to further their dance training in the city known for hip hop/commercial dance. You must be passionate about dance, and eager to train with a variety of new choreographers and studios, and in different dance styles. We hand pick our dancers.


So you want to dance in L.A. But where are you going to stay? Our dance dorm is brand new, safe, clean and quiet.  It gives you automatic dancer friends to explore the studios and city. Plus, coordinated activities to see the real Los Angeles, as well as a strong support network of dancers and experts in dance who know this fabulous city very well.


We have a jam-packed MONTH of exciting group activities planned for you, everything from Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice Boardwalk, downtown districts and everything in between. You will experience the tourist L.A. AND the local spots. Our goal is for you to not only be a dancer, but a Los Angeleno!



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Dance and live in Los Angeles! 

This is the ONLY program that gives dancers a month (28 days) of dance classes, dancer dorm, coordinated activities to see the real Los Angeles, a built-in friend group (dancers need a posse!), and a strong support network of experts in dance who know this fabulous city very well.

The purpose of this dance program is to help you see if L.A. is for you, if a dance career is for you, but in a kind, safe, loving and familial way.

We take care of nearly everything so you come ready to dance and explore without having to worry about housing, how to get around, what fun things to do, and you’ll have automatic friends with the other dancers in the program. L.A. can be tough to navigate and we want to help make it easy…and fun!

Dance Dorm

Housing in Los Angeles is insanely expensive. It is also extremely hard to get. We wanted to create a clean, safe home for dancers in L.A. So, we have created a small, brand new dance dorm just for our program dancers!

We will also do a ton of fun activities to explore Los Angeles, both touristy and local hot spots. You’ll explore everything from Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, Universal Studios Venice Boardwalk, downtown districts, and classes at other studios. Plus locals only hot spots from the best roof-top views, freestyle dance sessions, Instagram spots and the best places to shop.

Selective Group
At this time, we only accept four dancers a month. Space is purposely limited to maintain a comprehensive dance training schedule.

Los Angeles is a huge dance destination but we take care of everything so you don’t have to. You won’t have to worry about anything but dancing and enjoying L.A. life. In the FAQs below we’ve broken down costs if you were to come to L.A. on your own so you can see how we’ve created the most economical program to help dancers dance!

We choose our dancers based on their passion for dance.

  1. You should have a minimum of two years of hip hop/commercial dance experience and be able to do the choreography of your favorite choreographer -full out. This is NOT a program designed for true beginners, those who have not taken a hip hop class. Dancers come to L.A. for hip hop.
  2. You will be asked to provide a video submission.
  3. We Zoom interview every dancer. It is a super fun and informal chat about dance, L.A., our program and YOU!
  4. English level: We do not care about perfect English. But, you must have a basic command of English, and be able to communicate with the dancers, choreographers, etc. We don’t want you to miss out on anything and we want you to have a memorable experience with us.  The program is actually a highly effective, organic way to improve English language skills! The Zoom interview is conducted solely in English.

What is the process to join the 18+ L.A. Dancer program?

  1. Fill out the inquiry form
  2. We will schedule the mandatory Zoom interview/super fun chat
  3. We accept you into the program
  4. Create an L.A. Cultural Exchange account
  5. Fill out and upload the application and forms
  6. Upload your flight and health insurance information
  7. Group What’s App group to go over schedule, rules, dance etiquette, packing, activities, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: You have 15 days to fill out the application after the interview and acceptance into the program. If not,  you will lose your spot.

What classes will I take?

You will be given dance class passes and a credit card to the following:

  • 30 Millennium classes
  • 5 TMilly classes
  • 5 Playground LA classes
  • And a $150 L.A. Cultural Exchange credit card to spend on master classes and classes outside of the class pass studios.
  • You will also have a total of four private classes in the mornings on week two and three with The Gentle Ladies, working professional dancers and creators.

Spend your mornings and afternoons at Millennium Dance Complex, TMilly, The Playground, Mihran Studios, Fuzion Force LA, etc, home to the most sought-after choreographers in the world. Dance alongside some of the best dancers, some who’ve danced with your favorite celebrity. To get a true idea of the commercial dance world, you must spend your time training in Los Angeles.

How do you figure out which studios to go to and which classes to take?

It’s not easy! There are many studios and classes to choose from. The hard part is making a decision. Don’t worry, we got you. To start, you are given the apps and dance class passes so you can see the class schedules. You, along with the dance captain and the other dancers, decide which classes to take. You can all go together or you can split up in groups to take class at different studios. This is not a boring summer camp. We are here to help guide you but, ultimately, you make the decision of which classes to take.

Remember, this is YOUR time to dance, explore and have fun in L.A.

What activities will we do together?

We have created a sample calendar that shows SOME of the activities we will do as a group. They are some of the fun touristy spots that everyone should experience. But we understand that dance comes first and most scheduled activities can be adjusted. Also, there are so many more fun things happening in Los Angeles and things pop up all the time. You will never be bored in L.A.! Each dancer group will get their own calendar of activities prior to arrival.

Here’s a sample calendar:

18+ L.A. Dancer Sample Calendar
18+ L.A. Dancer Sample Calendar


The dance captain is your friend, and we love her.

This is the fabulous Fernanda showing love to our OG summer dance in L.A. dancer Kobe.


Our dance captain is a former dancer in our program who knows the studios, knows how to navigate L.A., and knows how to live in this great city. Her role is to organize, assist, soothe and encourage. She will work with the dancers to figure out class schedules, like who wants to take which classes, which bus/subway to take, the time to leave, etc. She will also suggest choreographers the dancers may like as well as pop-up events, dance shows, etc. She is in charge of our program’s TikTok and Instagram. So expect to be doing dance challenges all over our fabulous city!

We are not a boring program and we are definitely not the mean girl program. Dancers help other dancers. Women help other women. We show love, respect and compassion for each other. Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.


Dancer Dorm

In order to solve the insane housing shortage and high price issue, we’ve created a dancer dorm. It’s just easier. It gives dancers a safe, clean, quiet space all together.

We are currently offering a dancer dorm for only four dancers. It is a brand new open space studio with wi-fi, vaulted ceilings, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with walk-in shower, super fast cooling and heating system, keyless entrance, and weekly housekeeping all in a safe, quiet neighborhood.


Our dancer dorm is in the quiet, residential Lake Balboa neighborhood in the center of the San Fernando Valley region of L.A.


No, you take care of buying your own food. There are plenty of stores around for all diets and tastes within walking distance from the dancer dorm.


We provide all pots, pans, appliances, dishes, etc. in the brand new, fully equipped kitchen.

We provide bed linens, dish soap, toilet paper, robot vacuum, etc.

We also provide a weekly housekeeper!


There is a coin laundry two blocks from the dorm. The housekeeper washes bed linens.


L.A. Cultural Exchange's 18+ L.A. Dancer Program in Los Angeles, CA.

How much will it cost to spend a month in L.A. dancing?

Price:  $3998.00 (28 days living in Los Angeles so you can focus on dance.)


  • 50+ dance classes: dance class passes, dance credit card, privates 
  • Dance dorm – bed linens, fully equipped kitchen, weekly housekeeping 
  • Group activities to explore L.A. (Universal Studios, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood sign, etc. See Activities FAQ.)
  • Photo Shoot
  • Transportation: a month unlimited METRO pass, UBER/LYFT from meeting points to the dorm. 


  • Airfare
  • Airport transfer (Flyaway is recommended)
  • Mandatory health insurance
  • Cell phone
  • Towels
  • Food for dorm
  • Pocket money for shopping, out with friends when not on program activities, or group activities with a non-hosted lunch


When can I come  dance?!

Our 18+ L.A. Dancer program runs March-November only. You arrive on the 1st and depart on the 29th. We only accept four dancers per month. 

Application and $300 nonrefundable deposit 15 days after interview/acceptance
Payment 1 month before arrival
Cancellation for refund minus nonrefundable deposit and any processing fees 15 days before program start

Download the full FAQ for the L.A. 18+ Dancer program with L.A. Cultural Exchange.

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