The Carol Scholarship

The Carol Dancer Scholarship

Carol was brilliant. She was genuine. She was fun. She was hilarious. She was a fighter. She was kind. She was honest. She was a tech queen. She took care of people.

But Carol left us too soon.

Carol was English and someone we’ve worked with and been friends with for more than 20 years. Her departure from our lives and this earth was a very sad moment for us. But Carol was strong. She would want us to be strong too.

So, we’ve decided to honor Carol’s beautiful spirit and memory by helping other U.K. women, and that means U.K. dancers.

About the Carol Scholarship

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Our Carol was from England. Our way of honoring her beautiful spirit is by helping other young U.K.-based women. In this case, U.K. dancers. This would make our Carol happy.

Our scholarship fund has just begun. At this time, the award is $250. We give two awards a month.


  • Be a UK-based dancer
  • Strong Instagram and TikTok knowledge
  • Willing to share experience on Instagram and TikTok


  1. Take over the program’s Instagram four times
  2. Take over the program’s TikTok four times