We live in L.A.   We work in L.A.   We play in L.A.   We LOVE L.A. 




We live in L.A.   We work in L.A.   We play in L.A.   We LOVE L.A. 


Shopping in L.A.


Visitor: "Oh! I like your shoes!"
Los Angeleno: "Thanks! I got them for 80% off!"
Visitor: Don't be shocked. Just say something like: "Wow! What a good deal!" 

We are proud of our "good deals" and like to share the fact that we don't like to pay full price. So when visitors come to Los Angeles for the first time they are surprised at how Los Angelenos willingly tell them how much they paid for something. But visitors are also pleasantly surprised and happy about the low prices, discounts and daily sales on everything imaginable!

So for our fashionistas and those who like a good deal, here's a list of five stores you must visit (and will love) while doing your study abroad year in Los Angeles.

  1. TJ Maxx
  2. Marshall's
  3. Ross
  4. Nordstrom's Rack
  5. DSW Designer Shoes 

We like lists.

Our quick list of the most popular clothing stores for teens in L.A.

Abercrombie & Fitch
American Eagle Outfitters

Forever 21
Charlotte Russe

Wet Seal

Urban Outfitters

Happy Shopping,

L.A. Cultural Exchange Team

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