Parents and Students

For Our Parents and Students

Dear Parents: You should be proud of your child for having the courage to explore the world, live in a new city and train in their art field.

Dear Students: You should thank your family for giving you the opportunity to pursue your art and study in L.A. You will be hand selected to join our exchange program.

It's All About You

We personalize your program from your L.A. family match and your school classes to your after-school training program. “This is YOUR exchange. Make it awesome.”

Los Angeles Only

We are an arts-focused program operating in L.A. only and we choose only 12 students a semester to join our program. We are located in the suburban area of Los Angeles called the San Fernando Valley. 

Young Performing and Visual Artists

Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the world - the leader in the creation of motion pictures, television production, dance choreography, video games and recorded music. L.A. is known for the best training and education in these fields. This is why our students are young artists, dancers, actors, singers, musicians, photographers, painters, designers, stylists, etc. Why do you want to study in L.A.?

High School

Attend a public high school with a team dedicated to helping you learn and adapt to school in English. Choose your classes based on your level and interests. Participate in all senior activities like Prom, Grad Nite and graduation ceremony.

Program Plan

We create your own personalized program plan based on what you want to do while in L.A., your experience, skill level and goals.


After school you will attend one of the top arts training programs from your program plan.

Host Family

This is your L.A. family, treat them with love. They will treat you like a member of the family and help you adapt to your fabulous life in L.A.


Our group of 12 will do fun activities together to explore both the famous L.A. sites and the local hot spots.

What do you want to experience during your high school year in L.A.?  Let us Know - Click here.



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