L.A. Cultural Exchange Training Scholarship Fund

L.A. Cultural Exchange Training Scholarship Fund

We want to help you become awesome actors, dancers, singers, musicians, painters, filmmakers, etc.

Our L.A. Cultural Exchange Arts Training Fund can help!

What is the L.A. Cultural Exchange Arts Training Fund?

The L.A. Cultural Exchange Arts Training Fund provides scholarships to help cover a portion of the costs of your training while with us in L.A. It is to be used to pay for classes such as dance, voice, music, film, photography, painting, etc. classes only. It is our commitment to our young artists’ development and to encourage more young artists to train with professionals in Los Angeles. 

How much are the scholarships?

We have three types of arts training scholarship levels based on length of time in Los Angeles:  $250 (quarter), $500 (semester), $750 (year).

How we choose our scholarship recipients?

Our scholarship recipients must first be accepted into either our quarter or semester program. 

Once accepted you will fill out our student application and our committee will evaluate it for the appropriate scholarship level.

All recipients will be asked to document their L.A. experience. Details will be provided once accepted into the L.A. Cultural Exchange program.

All decisions are final.


How do we choose our young artists to join our programs?

We choose a maximum of 12 students.
We choose students who have a passion for their art.
We choose students who want to train in their art with professionals.
We choose students who will embrace their L.A. host family and create a long-lasting relationship.
We choose students who will communicate and be open to the eclectic, culturally rich life in Los Angeles.
We choose students who are grateful for the L.A. opportunity.

Start the process by filling out our Student Inquiry Form>>


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