We live in L.A.   We work in L.A.   We play in L.A.   We LOVE L.A. 




We live in L.A.   We work in L.A.   We play in L.A.   We LOVE L.A. 




Our Summer Dance in L.A. program is for U.S. and international dancers 14-18 years old who want to further their training in Los Angeles at Millennium Dance Complex and some of the top dance studios in the city, including Monsters of Hip Hop convention. Our program’s goal is to bring a small and select group of talented young men and women to dance hard and enjoy life in Los Angeles for the entire fun month of July. We call it the Los Angeles Summer Dance Vacation!

You will be matched with your L.A. host family, your home base and forever family. You will dance at Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, Debbie Reynolds (17+ only), The Edge and other studios offering particular classes. We will explore the city as a group and you will simply be L.A. dancers for July.


The ages are 14-18 for this particular summer program. We interview each student to determine compatibility for a VERY limited number of spaces. Our students are grateful for this experience, excited to make friends with people from various cultures, and are eager to explore L.A. Appreciation, thank yous, and communicating are necessary for our host families and program. Do you have to be a professional with years of training? No! We look for dancers who have a passion for dance and who will be grateful for the opportunity to live and dance in L.A. We look for dancers who have an open mind, a positive attitude for other dancers and their L.A. family, who will take direction from the choreographer, who will help other dancers, and who will strive to be the best in the class.


• Enrollment in Millennium Dance Complex and dance class pass, plus group classes at other NoHo and Hollywood studios
• Matching the student with one of our L.A. host families
• The host family takes care of room and board: three meals a day, support, help, activities, a family structure
• Organizing group activities to explore L.A.
• A month unlimited METRO pass
• Monitoring integration into the host family and training


• Airfare
• Mandatory health insurance
• Pocket money for shopping, out with friends when not with host family or program activities, or group activities with a non-hosted lunch


Our program, host families, schools and training facilities are located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, primarily in the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood. This is accessible to major modes of transportation, including two METRO subway lines for easy access to school, home, arts training and all of Los Angeles.


Spend your mornings and afternoons at Millennium Dance Complex, home to the most sought after choreographers in the world. Dance along side some of the best dancers, some who’ve danced with your favorite celebrity. To get a true idea of the commercial dance world, you must spend your time training in Los Angeles. Some of the dance studios will be Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, Debbie Reynolds (17+ only), The Edge, IDA, Evolution Studios, etc.


There’s not a better way to get the real L.A. experience than with one of our hand-selected host families! If you're an international student, there’s not a better way to improve your English in an organic, easy and fun way than by living with a family. Your L.A. family has been chosen for their desire to host a dancer. You will be a member of the family. You will have breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert in your home. You will be comfortable, have Wi-Fi of course, and enjoy life in L.A. as a teenager. We take great care in matching our students with their L.A. family. Our families host for a variety of reasons. But all of them have the desire to open their home and share their lives with our students. This will be your home, not a hotel. You’ll see why L.A. is so diverse and amazing.


We have a jam-packed summer of exciting group activities planned for you, everything from Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Magic Mountain, Venice Boardwalk, downtown districts and everything in between. We will use the METRO for our group events. All students will be provided with a METRO pass. You will experience the tourist L.A. AND the local spots. Our goal is for you to not only be a dancer, but be a Los Angeleno this summer!


The application will list all the program rules and causes for dismissal from the program. All students will receive a copy of the program rules in their orientation packet and we will review them at our student orientation. 


The curfew is set by the family. If it is broken, the students are given a warning. If it is broken a second time, the students are sent home.


There is no alcohol consumption. Students who break this rule will be sent home immediately, at the natural parents’ expense.


Proof of health insurance is mandatory. For our international students, we do not have a requirement of which company you choose or any affiliation with any company. It should be travel medical coverage. Here is a good place to start: www.internationalstudentinsurance.com


Students should arrive on the program arrival date, June 30 and the departure date, August 1.


L.A. is huge and our students must understand that it will take time to get places and need to plan accordingly. We will provide each student with a METRO pass. It is the student’s job to get to any arts training or extra curricular activity. The host family and our team will show the student how to get to class. We will also show students the L.A. METRO system, which is what we use for group activities and how we all will get around this summer. Even though L.A. is large, it is very easy to navigate the transportation system.


Students will be a part of the L.A. Cultural Exchange student family, which will include other U.S. students as well as an eclectic group of hand-selected international exchange students. The Program Managers are available 24/7, and live in the San Fernando Valley neighborhoods of L.A. where our program is located.


We are L.A. Cultural Exchange, a program of Artists Exchange Group, Inc., an arts education, marketing and tourism corporation based in Los Angeles' booming NoHo Arts District since 2000. The NoHo Arts District is Los Angeles' official arts district located in the North Hollywood neighborhood. NoHo is filled with 20+ theatres, professional dance studios, acting studios, art galleries, recording studios, boutiques and a myriad of dining options and venues that give us one-of-a-kind events.


1. SKYPE interview with the student. Accept student in program
2. Fill out application and appropriate forms
3. Match the student with the host family
4. Fill out school-specific forms
5. Invoice

Students are invoiced the full program fee amount. All fees are due by May 15.

A student has the right to cancel by June 15 and will receive a refund less the $300 application fee and any other itemized nonrefundable fees within 30 calendar days. If the program cancels, we will refund entire program fee within 30 calendar days.

A student may withdraw from the program within the first week and there will be a prorated refund given less application fee and other itemized nonrefundable fees within 30 calendar days. After that date and at any time if a student is dismissed from the program due to failure to follow policies outlined in the Student Rule Book, there will be no refund due.

$300 Application fee, mailing or courier fee, all bank wire transfer fee and credit card processing fees, housing placement service fee or any actual cost of housing arrangement for students incurred, passes, activity entrance fees, or similar charges.


Application May 1
Payment May 15
Cancellation June 15

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