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L.A. High School 


F1 Visa Program

Summer Dance in L.A., Semester, Academic Year

Fall: August - December (May 1)
Spring: January - June (November 1)
Summer Dance in L.A.: July 1-31 (May 1)

PRICE: Depends on school and length of stay

AGE: 15-18 upon arrival to L.A.


Student Inquiry

L.A High School + Arts

Congratulations on making the decision to study in Los Angeles!

Our L.A. High School + The Arts program’s goal is to bring a small and select group of talented young men and women to study and enjoy life in Los Angeles. We create your own individualized program plan so you get the most out of what our great city has to offer.

We choose students based on WHY they want to study in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the world - the leader in the creation of motion pictures, television production, dance choreography, video games and recorded music. L.A. is also known for the best training and education in these fields. So the majority of our students will be dancers, actors, singers, musicians, photographers, painters, designers, stylists, etc. 

We look at students who have a passion, a hobby and who want to do something that L.A. does REALLY WELL.

Our young artists will attend one of our local high schools and also train at one of L.A.’s top arts programs. L.A. Cultural Exchange has partnerships with some of Los Angeles’ major dance studios, acting schools, music academies and art schools. So if you are a dancer, singer, actor, musician or artist, this is the program for you. If you are a skateboarder, basketball or soccer player, L.A. is your town, too.

Tell us why you want to be in Los Angeles!

 Our Program

L.A High School + Arts

We are based out of the booming NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood, CA. NoHo is just a one-mile neighborhood but it is filled with more than 20 live theatres, professional dance studios, art galleries, recording studios, boutiques and a myriad of dining options and venues that give us one-of-a-kind events. The majority of our arts schools are in NoHo, easily accessible from the METRO orange or red lines.

F1 Programs

LACE provides educational exchange programs for F1 visa holders. With the F1 program, the student chooses the city of Los Angeles, pays tuition to the Los Angeles Unified School District and provides the host family with a small stipend to help cover some of the many costs incurred with hosting a student in a large and expensive city like Los Angeles.

Our Host Families

Our families are opening their home because they want to give the real L.A. experience to the student. They are your L.A. family now and forever. Many of our families have lived overseas, traveled extensively and are from diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds. They understand and appreciate the big step our students are taking to come to Los Angeles to study in our high schools. It is important that our students feel like a member of their L.A. family.

Who Are Our High School Students?

1. Ages 15-18 upon arrival to the U.S. 2. Adventurous and want to explore Los Angeles 3. Have a hobby or passion for the arts 4. Will represent their country and their family with dignity while in the U.S. 5. Receive a minimum of a "C" average while in L.A. 6. Participate in high school activities and outings 7. Are respectful, communicative and helpful to their host families 8. Say thank you and are grateful to their natural and host families


With so many things to do in L.A., our student group activities are always fun. We will explore touristy parts of our city as well as some hidden gems. Our goal is for you to explore of fabulous city and all the fun you can have.

Our Schools

We work with a few key public schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Students are offered Advanced Placement classes in Calculus, Physics, Biology, English, Economics, Foreign Language, and many others. Our schools provide a variety of elective classes and after-school activities. Our students are required to take four academic and two elective courses. We are serious about our students' achievement so all students must maintain good academic standing in order to stay in the program. Our program is for many English levels. For students who need to improve their English skills, our schools provide English as A Second Language courses.

Student Selection

We have a very limited number of space for our Los Angeles High School Exchange program and select our students carefully. We look at the student as a whole: reasons for coming to L.A., personality, interests, kindness, honesty, etc.) You only have one exchange experience and we want to make sure L.A. is the right place for you.

Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Student Inquiry

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