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Thanks for your interest in opening your home to one of our amazing international students!

We are L.A. Cultural Exchange, a Los Angeles-based cultural exchange company that brings international exchange students ages 15-18 to study in L.A. high schools and to also train at one of our top arts programs.

Our goal is to give our students a memorable experience, and that always starts with loving host families. We look for fun, open, communicative host families of all shapes and sizes to host one of our international students. The best host family is simply honest and caring, provides a loving and safe home, and treats the student as a member of the family.

In order to provide an optimum Los Angeles experience for our students, families receive a stipend to cover the costs associated with hosting in a large city such as Los Angeles.

We take great care in selecting both our students and our host families.

Our program is small, tailored and focused on providing the students AND our host families with their ideal exchange experience. The program also looks to share another culture and way of life with our students and host families. There’s a reason cultural exchanges have been going on for centuries – they’re fun, an eye-opener and make for lasting friendships!

Here's what a few of our happy Host Families had to say!

  • “This was the best experience for my son who now has a German brother. Next year he will have a French brother.” – Leslie, Sherman Oaks

  • “Our lives are busy, but Jana taught us to enjoy our family and city more. She jumped right into our hectic lives and became our Danish daughter.” – Hailey, West Hills

  • "We loved having Sofia join our family's 'band.' We are so grateful you placed a musically gifted young lady in our musically inclined family. She helped my daughter like the piano again and we helped her improve her English...and make a mean grilled cheese. We're heading to Brazil next December to see her!" – Maureen, Encino 

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We are proud of our international exchange students! They are leaving their countries as a teenager to study in L.A., live with a new family, make new friends and improve their English. It’s an exciting yet scary adventure. Their choice to come to such a big city as Los Angeles shows maturity and responsibility.  We strive to give our exchange student a really unique look at Los Angeles and why our city is spectacular and this starts with our spectacular host families!

Our Students

  • Ages 15-18
  • Strong academic students
  • Enjoy the arts or are actual artists
  • Screened for maturity and readiness to do an exchange program
  • Come with full coverage health insurance
  • Are independent and want to explore our city

Our families have direct, 24/7 access to our team in case of an emergency. We will give all families an informative and enjoyable orientation to life as a host family and ongoing support throughout the student’s stay in L.A.

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L.A. Neighborhoods

Host Families

Our Families

  • Speak fluent English, are communicative
  • Live in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
  • Provide a separate, furnished bedroom
  • Make the student feel like a member of the family
  • Provide meals just like for any member of the family
  • Include the student on family outings and activities 


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