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Our 18+  L.A. Dancer program is for serious U.S. and international dancers who are 18 and older who want to further their dance training in the city known for hip hop/commercial dance. You must be passionate about dance, and are eager to train with a variety of new choreographers and studios, and in different dance styles.  We only accept 12 dancers at a time. 


August 1 - 31. (Stay tuned for our upcoming dance quarter - three months of dance in Los Angeles!)


So you want to dance in Los Angeles?  But how do you figure it all out? You need to ask yourself:

  1. Where will I stay?
  2. How will I get around?
  3. Which studios will I dance at?
  4. How will I make friends?
  5. How do I begin to plan my L.A. dance experience? 

We do it for you!  Why? We know the L.A. dance world and we know our city. 

The 18+ L.A. Dancer program is a one-month introduction to the L.A. dance world.

This is the only program that gives dancers 18+ the following:

  • A full month of dance classes from a variety of studios and choreographers
  • An L.A. family life
  • Full room and board
  • Coordinated activities to see the real Los Angeles
  • A strong support network of dancers and experts in dance who know this fabulous city very well. 
  • The opportunity to see if dance and L.A. is right for you.


Every week the dancers and dance captain make a weekly dance schedule to maximize every dance opportunity because there are a lot of classes! You will spend your mornings and afternoons dancing at the studios that are home to the most sought-after choreographers in the world, dancing alongside some of the best dancers.  To get a true idea of the commercial dance world, you must spend your time training in Los Angeles. What does training mean? It means dancing with a variety of choreographers in different styles, some with more or less Instagram followers than the other, and at small, medium and large studios.  In short, you are going to try everything.

Some of the dance studios will be Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, The Playground, The Edge, TMilly, ExpgLA, Debbie Reynolds, Kreative Mindz Studio, IMMA Space, etc.


Fun activities like Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Boardwalk, Carnival, Dance Downtown, Chinatown Nights, Art Walk, and so much more. We will show you what Los Angeles is really like. 

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  1. Read ALL the information in the tabs below.
  2. Fill out the STUDENT INQUIRY FORM IN THE TABS BELOW to start the process.


  1. We choose our dancers based on their passion for dance.
  2. You should have a minimum of two years of dance experience and be able to do the choreography of your favorite choreographer.
  3. You will be asked to provide a video submission.
  4. We Skype interview every dancer. It is a super fun and informal chat about dance, L.A., our program and YOU! 
  5. English level: you must have a basic command of English, and be able to communicate with the dancers, choreographers, etc.  We don’t want you to miss out on anything and we want you to have a memorable experience with us. We do not care about perfect English. The program is actually a highly effective, organic way to improve English language skills. The Skype interview is conducted solely in English.


All about 18+ L.A. Dancer Summer Program 



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